Excavation works involve preparing the ground for the installation of linear strips, constructing stairs and retaining walls, as well as preparing the terrain for laying grass. These interventions aim to create a functional and aesthetic outdoor space, ensuring the stability and durability of structures and landscaping features.

Linear Strip

The linear strips in an asphalt driveway serve primarily to delineate traffic and parking areas. They can also be used to guide vehicles and pedestrians, thus enhancing safety and space organization.

Paved Walkway

Paver stones can be used to create defined parking areas or pedestrian paths within an asphalt driveway. They can help reinforce the structure of the driveway by distributing the weight of vehicles more evenly across the surface.”

Retaining wall made of slabs

Stone block walls are supportive structures built by stacking slabs or blocks of stone to form a vertical barrier. They are often used to delineate terraces, retain slopes, and define garden boundaries. These walls not only provide structural support but also add visual aesthetics to landscaping.”

Step made of slabs

Stone step staircases are architectural elements made up of stone slabs designed to ease the transition between different levels of terrain or construction. They provide a stable and secure surface for ascending or descending while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the environment.

Mega stair

Mega steps are landscaping elements designed to create large-scale stairs or oversized steps in outdoor environments. Typically constructed from sturdy materials such as stone, they are utilized to overcome significant variations in terrain or to craft imposing architectural features within landscaping projects. These sizable steps not only provide functionality in traversing considerable heights but can also add an aesthetic and dramatic dimension to the outdoor environment.

Lawn installation

Lawn installation involves preparing the soil and laying sod on a designated area. This process may include steps such as leveling the ground, adding topsoil, watering, and initial maintenance to promote grass growth and ensure its establishment. The goal is to create an appealing, functional, and resilient green space for various applications, ranging from residential gardens to public parks and sports fields.

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