Privacy Policy for Les Entreprises Royal Bitume Inc.

Privacy PolicyAt Les Entreprises Royal Bitume Inc., we specialize in bituminous and asphalt solutions, offering comprehensive services from asphalting to sealing. Our goal is to provide valuable information and showcase our work in bituminous and asphalt projects. Our website, located at, serves as a digital portfolio and information hub about our services and company.

Data We Collect and Why

Comments: Our site currently does not support visitor comments. This section is not applicable as we focus on displaying our services and projects without the need for visitor interaction in the form of comments.

Media: Visitors are not able to upload images or media files to our website. We prioritize showcasing our professional work and projects through our curated gallery, ensuring a seamless and secure browsing experience.

Cookies: Our website may use cookies to enhance the user experience, such as by remembering display preferences. However, we do not use cookies to collect personal information. The use of cookies is solely for functionality purposes, such as improving website navigation and performance.

Embedded Content: Our website enriches your experience by featuring embedded content, such as videos and project images, showcasing our expertise in asphalting and bituminous solutions. This immersive approach allows you to visually explore our services and successful projects. Please note, this content might behave as if you were on the source site, potentially gathering data as per their privacy policies. We aim to enhance your visit with valuable insights while upholding your privacy and encourage you to review these policies for informed browsing.

Data Sharing: We do not share your data with any third parties. The integrity and privacy of your data are paramount to us. The only exception is the use of third-party services for website functionality and performance enhancement, which do not involve sharing personal information.

Data Retention: We do not collect personal data that necessitates retention. Our website’s focus is on providing information about our services and showcasing our projects, without the need for user registration or data collection.

Your Data Rights: As we do not collect personal data, there are minimal concerns regarding data rights. However, should you have any inquiries or requests related to privacy, please feel free to contact us.

Spam Detection: At Les Entreprises Royal Bitume Inc., we prioritize the digital safety and security of our visitors. To this end, our website has implemented robust measures to shield against spam and malicious activities that could compromise the integrity of your browsing experience. Our commitment to maintaining a secure environment encompasses the deployment of advanced automated systems designed for meticulous security monitoring. These systems vigilantly scan for any suspicious behavior or content, effectively blocking spam and thwarting potential cyber threats before they can reach our users.


Additional protection: In addition to these automated defenses, our team continuously updates and refines our security protocols to adapt to the evolving landscape of online threats. This proactive approach ensures that our website remains a safe and reliable resource for information about our asphalting and bituminous services. By integrating these comprehensive spam detection and security measures, we aim to foster a trustworthy digital space where visitors can explore our offerings with peace of mind, free from the disruptions and risks associated with spam and malicious attacks.

Updates to Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy as necessary to reflect changes in our practices or for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. We encourage visitors to review this policy periodically for the latest information on our privacy practices.

For any questions regarding our privacy policy or data practices, please contact us directly at At Les Entreprises Royal Bitume Inc., your trust and security are our top priorities as we continue to offer premier bituminous and asphalt services in Quebec City.